Sharing and Comparing with a Wiki

Class Wiki:
Username: kiplingkids / Password: ***********

For information about setting up and using your Wikispaces wiki visit: and use the drop down menu to select the tutorial topic of your choice. The class wiki will be a collaboration space as well as a means for students to share what they have learned with partner classrooms and their families. The wiki will act as a culminating project for the Communities Unit.

Possible Activities:

1.   MapSkip (Social Studies Learning Activity): Embed YouTube video and include instructions for students working with their family at home. In class, students write and edit story for MapSkip activity with 3rd grade buddy and post link to the MapSkip story on the wiki.

2.   Post digital copies of student work (use copy machine in 4th grade hallway to send student work to your email as PDF or jpeg files). Note: Assure that only those students with publication permission have work posted online.

3.   Post recordings of Skype calls. Again: Assure that only those students with publication permission for image are visible in the video.

4.   Small groups of students, along with a parent volunteer or other adult helper, collaborate to share what they know about one type of community helper (firefighter, police officer, etc.). Activity is jigsawed so all helpers are included in the wiki.

5.   Divide topics/activities among the four kindergarten classes  (2 AM and 2 PM). With four classrooms adding to the same wiki, a wide variety of information can be included in a timely manner.

6.   Provide space for students/families to share optional at-home projects.