Video Library

The following video library correlates to the Communities Thematic Unit. Where possible, video is embedded and SafeShareTV links are included. On SafeShareTV, only the video is seen and it is viewable in full-screen mode - none of the other content that appears on YouTube is seen.

How Big is My World?
In this video, Abbie takes us to the places that are part of her world. Using photos, drawings, maps, and narration, we start in Abbie's bedroom and move outward to see her home, street, neighborhood, city, state, country, continent and the world, then back again to end in her room at home.

Correlation to Thematic Unit: Finding our place on the map and in our community.

Buildings in Our Community

A combination of still pictures and adult narration, this video follows a PowerPoint-like format including text, images and slide transitions. A concise, kid-friendly description of what buildings are used for, along with one or two photographs, is included for each building type. Pacing and content is well suited to this age group (kindergarten). Buildings types included: Fire Station, Police Station, City Hall, School, Library, Bakery, Grocery Store, Bank, Hospital, Post Office, Retail Store, Gas Station, Landfill, Gym.

Correlation to Thematic Unit: One aspect of community is the buildings that are commonly found within it.

Community Helpers

This narrated slide show introduces viewers to the fireman, policeman, librarian, dentist, doctor, mail carrier, farmer, teacher, and garbageman. For each helper, information includes title, where they work, a job-related detail, how they help the community, and a related reminder for children. For example, “the fireman reminds us not to play with matches.” Attractive visuals combine with narration that is expressive and clear, will make this a very engaging video for viewers.

Correlation to Thematic Unit: One aspect of community is the people that serve those who live there.

Classic Sesame Street – Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood
This Sesame Street footage uses the well-known song, Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood, and puts an historical spin on it. In it we are introduced to people that would be in your neighborhood during the time of George Washington - Candlemaker and the Saddler. Additional “classic” Sesame Street versions of the song are also available.
Grocer and Doctor:

Correlation to Thematic Unit: One aspect of community is that it adapts to changing times and needs.

Community ABCs

In this class ABC book about communities, each piece of scanned student work includes one letter of the alphabet, a word beginning with that letter, a sentence with detail, and artwork to illustrate the idea. Attractive transitions and student narration will provide a model for Kipling students to follow in the creation of their own ABC book about Deerfield/Highland Park.

Correlation to Thematic Unit: One activity in the unit will be for students to create an ABC book for their own community.
This simple slideshow presents numbers 1 through 30 using a plain white background with colorful, easy to read numbers. Background music in a pop-rock style provides a rhythmic foundation for counting – the first time through a male voice is heard and the second time, children’s voices join in. Hi resolution enhances full-screen viewing and repetition allows for needed practice.
Correlation to Thematic Unit: Counting to 30 is one of the district’s math objectives and will be incorporated into this unit.

Life at the Fire Station
SafeShareTV, Part 1:
(video stops at 1:24 – omitted segment shows an ambulance call to a school where a student has had a seizure)
SafeShareTV, Part 2: to end)
Narrated video footage shows fire fighters in the fire house going through typical tasks including checking equipment, physical fitness, equipment training, shopping, cooking, and cleaning. In addition to sharing information about job-related tasks, firefighters explain the many ways they serve others and why they like the job.
Correlation to Thematic Unit: Allows students a closer look at one place in their community, the Fire Station, that they likely have never visited.

Strolling the Aisles of Whole Foods Market
A trip through the grocery store from the perspective of the shopping cart. Jazzy background music plays as the cart navigates the aisles from produce, to the deli, frozen and canned foods, the viewer sees all the types of foods that can be found in a grocery store. The SafeShareTV link is an edited version, which shortens the intro and eliminates the end credits which may not be completely appropriate for very young viewers.

Correlation to Thematic Unit: The grocery store is one of the buildings in our community and many of the families in our town shop at Whole Foods Market.

Deerfields Bakery – Family Baking Since 1886
Video presents images and information about Deerfields Bakery, whose main store is in our community. Still images and on-screen text tell the story of this family owned bakery. Image and sound quality is excellent and images and text are sharp in full-screen viewing. All information is present with text, so teacher will need to lower the volume, to be easily heard over the background music, and read the information to the class.
Correlation to Thematic Unit: Deerfields Bakery is the bakery in our community and is located just two blocks from our school. This video provides new information about a place that is very familiar to our students.

Deerfield, IL
A video camera in the front seat of a car takes us on a drive through Deerfield, Illinois. Traveling the main east-west and north-south roads, we stop along the way to see points of interesting including the train station, the house where our tour guide, Jeff, grew up, plus several schools, stores and restaurants. A fast motion effect is used to speed the viewer through the entire community in just over three minutes.

Correlation to Thematic Unit: The community is this video is the community our school is in. Though some students live in the neighboring town, Highland Park, they will be familiar with many of the locations (Deerfields Bakery, Tony’s Subs, music store) that are stops along the way in this video.

Highland Park, Illinois
This FantasticPlanetTV video gives you on a bird’s-eye view of Highland Park, Illinois. Beginning from high above the ground, the viewer sees the location of the town in relation to Lake Michigan and zooms in close enough to be able to identify major landmarks.

Correlation to Thematic Unit: The attendance area for Kipling School includes a small portion of Highland Park. This video will helps students see where their community fits in, geographically.

Deerfield Historic Village
In this video we see footage of the Historic Village in Deerfield, which is on property adjacent to our school. We see the Casper Ott cabin, which is the oldest structure in the county, and the Little Red Schoolhouse, where district 4th graders simulate what a school day was like in our community150 years ago. Also included is a trip to the locate cemetery and information about one of the communities earliest inhabitants. A brief history of our community is included. The SafeShareTV link is to an edited version which omits the discussion of ways communities are dealing with the growing deer population.

Correlation to Thematic Unit: Information about the history of our community is presented. The Historic Village is adjacent to our school and though it is very familiar to our children, most know little about it.